PURE CEYLON TEA 786 O.P.A - Tea Leaves

PURE CEYLON TEA 786 O.P.A - Tea Leaves

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Nothing compares to a strong cup of Black Tea sipped in the open air just before the sun down. Orange Pekoe A (OPA) Black Tea is a fine grade of tea made of fine and well rolled twisted leaves. This tea has a unique taste with a rich aromatic forest-like scent and the lighter liquor has a light golden reddish colour and a delicate light taste. It is a perfect cup to invigorate your senses in the evening.

Net weight 900g


For the perfect cup of tea
Warm the teapot by rinsing with hot water. Add one teaspoon of tea per person and one for the pot. Pour freshly boiled water and allow to brew for five minutes.
Stir well and serve.
Add milk and sugar to taste.

Keep cool and dry